Pendulum (2023)

Trapped between haunting memories and a chilling present, a tormented serial killer, driven by enigmatic calls, embarks on a relentless hunt for victims, unraveling his dark history and descending deeper into his own disturbing psyche. It is also the story of a little boy, soon broken into thousands pieces by the one who was supposed to protect him. Making an invicible Evil. The debut LP by Everything Falls Apart out on Totalism, the 13th of october 2023, has served as inspiration for Pierre de Muelenaere to create a series of videos exploring the slasher movie genre. Drawing upon the « sampling » technique, Pierre de Mûelenaere remixes video cuts from true crime TV shows, resulting in new narratives immersing viewers in a suspenseful tale. We recommend viewers to watch the series with headphones or in good sound and visual conditions to enhance the immersive experience.

A Pierre de Mûelenaere film • Written and edited by Pierre de Mûelenaere • Developed with Antoine Veldekens • Music : « Somn 8 » Written, composed and performed by Everything Falls Apart • Totalism Art Group 2023