Maze & Lindholm – Carillon sans timbre ni marteau Vol. 1

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After A River Flowing Home To The Sea LP released on Bedouin Records in 2020, Maze & Lindholm opens a new series of albums exploring compositional processes focused on cyclical time. Each volume of the new series will be a unique composition that can be listened to as a loop, of variable duration (up to 60 minutes). Radical meditative music on the borders of contemporary ambient, this first volume recorded in France in a renovated watermill, offers a 62-minute composition created mainly with an old music box.


The music box is very much alive in this massive amplification, recording every movement of the box, all the mechanics, and so on, becoming an integral element of the music. That certainly adds to the vibrant aspect of the music. (Vital Weekly)
A meditation on the cyclical nature of time (A closer Listen)
Let yourself be carried away by these bucolic, ringing and sometimes even disturbing ambient sounds (Blow Up)

Format: CD & Digital
Release date: Feb15 2023
Music: Maze & Lindholm
Title: Volume 01
Length: 63’40’’
Mix: Daniel Bleikolm
Master: Yves De Mey
Artwork: Mattia Zucchelli
Design: Studio Fabio Biesel
Catalog number: TT002