Everything Falls Apart debut LP

“Recalling the inscrutable intensity of bands like Supersilent at the prettier end of noise and the darker end of contemporary electronic classical directions.” – London Jazz News
Desolation post-industrial” – Rockerilla
“Successful and resounding record” – Gonzo Circus
“Dramatic tension” – First Floor


In fact, the more I try to escape, the less I can breathe. The more I try to hold on, the less I can focus. Something’s leaving me. Parts of me. Everything falls apart.” Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves


Inspired by Danielewski’s masterpiece “House of Leaves”, Everything Falls Apart (EFA) brings together in a brilliant dialogue prolific English producer Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow (Houndstooth), and double bass player Otto Lindholm (Icarus, Gizeh, Totalism). Through a deep connection and appreciation of music the two artists hit it off instantly upon meeting and despite the improvisational nature of their practice, the underlying concept of their collaboration was thoughtfully composed. They are two musicians using different languages yet achieving a mutual understanding.


Their eponymous debut album together gathers music recorded during the last 2 of 3 total recording sessions the artists worked on together. Acting as a human FX on the initial acoustic sound, Ross Tones gives a new dimension to each impulse of the double bass, which, at the same time, influences Lindholm’s play in return. Entropic and minimal, EFA music morphs from stable beauty and terrifying chaos and back again, delivering a unique catharsis of unforgiving soundscapes and melodies.


Side A : 
Somn 6 (8:11) 
Somn 7 (3:34)
Somn 8 (5:30)
Side B : 
Somn 9 (5:20)
Somn 10 (2:54)
Somn 11 (3:44)
Wonderfully Desolate (8:23)

Format: Limited edition vinyl & digital
Otto Lindholm & Ross Tones
Mix: Ross Tones
Mastering & Cut : Frédéric Alstadt at Mont Analogue
Artwork: Olivier Van Uffel
Design: Studio Fabio Biesel
Artist Photo : Caroline Lessire
Release date:
october 13, 2023
Distribution  : Sonic Rendezvous
Catalog number: TT004